Anyone who meets the qualifications as specified in the H.I.S. constitution is eligible for regular membership in the Society, subject to payment of annual dues. The membership year begins with the annual meeting.

Excerpts from the Constitution:

"The regular membership of this organization shall be limited to state employees engaged in plant pest inspection work as inspectors or as supervisors, in field or laboratory or office, other than administrative personnel. Honorary membership may be awarded to administrators or to others, who by their experience and achievements and interest are worthy of this distinction." "Members from outside the Central Plant Board region shall be welcome to attend and participate in discussions of this organization chapter. Administrative personnel in plant pest control work are welcome to attend and participate in discussions as special guests of this organization."


This chapter has established the category of "Subscribers" to enable friends of the society such as ex-inspectors, inspectors from outside the Central Plant Board region, researchers... etc. to be affiliated with the chapter and to receive and contribute to the newsletter and to attend meetings.

Other Benefits:

Besides the educational value of the annual meetings, the opportunity to make acquaintances with others in the same vocation from many other states is considered a good reason to participate. Many members making lasting interstate friendships, discover common special interests and derive considerable benefit from discussing common problems.

The rewards of membership, of course, provide benefit to both the individual and his employer. H.I.S. and its activities have been well supported by regulatory administrators in the Central Plant Board states, and by the Central Plant Board itself. Many former H.I.S. members have moved "from the ranks" into state administrative positions.

An inspector, serious about his work, naturally wants to improve his knowledge and skill, and H.I.S. can be an enjoyable part of this process. It is an opportunity that should not be postponed. You are invited and urged to step into membership now and move with others through an always pleasant association and interesting experience.

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