Order Forms for Inspectors and Professionals

The idea of a nursery inspector’s guide was conceived at the Founder’s meeting in 1970 to update an old publication that was being utilized by the Central Plant Board (CPB). The first segments were produced in 1976. The idea fully got off the ground in 1984 with the costs being shared 50/50 with the CPB. The inspectors wrote each insect or disease write-up and provided color photos. The first printing in 1985 included 165 manuals covering 10 pests and was provided to each inspector.

In 1991 it was considered complete and was spiral bound. We have added additional articles as needed. The manual also includes recommended regulatory actions, and now includes write-ups covering 63 insect and mites, 37 disease and nematodes, and 3 environmental problems.

The pest write-ups cover the distribution, description, hosts, damage, life cycle, inspection tips, control tips, related pests, and references. The whole reason behind the manual was to serve as a guide to help produce a more uniform enforcement of plant regulatory laws. Click below for the manual order form.

Central States Nursery Inspector's Guide

Coincide by Don Orton is a reference well known among horticultural inspectors. It accurately predicts the occurence of vulnerable life stages of 58 insect pests that are found in nursery production. The accuracy of this book is based on phenological plant indicators and degree days and not on calendar dates.

Don Orton is an Honorary member of the Central Chapter, and is now retired after 30+ years of working as a nursery inspector for the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Click below for the Coincide order form.

Coincide by Don Orton